PianoLimo by Amadeus Piano Co., LLC

stair climbing piano moving robots are here from Italy. Exclusive rights! we are the first and only company in America to implement

the PianoLimo

madeus Piano Co., LLC is a 3rd generation family company, specializing in custom piano restoration, storage and climate-controlled piano moving.

For many years we tried to sub out and hire the best in piano moving services to deliver our priceless restored pianos to our customers homes, recording studios and concert venues but there was never a piece of mind and often times extensive damage to our work and customers homes.  When climate stability is key to how long the piano lives without structural damage and sounds, it is imperative to have climate control in the piano moving trucks.  The industry did not have an answer.

We designed and built the PianoLimo with Mercedes Benz to provide the ultimate experience in piano moving.  With complete climate-control, a powerful winch to aid in loading and lots of other fancy equipment to stabilize the ride and provide comfort for the piano while in transit.  Our expert crew with a dedicated professional piano technician will pick up and deliver the piano anywhere in the country.  It is our pleasure to deliver across the country and locally for people who love their piano.

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