PianoLimo headed to Ann Arbor, MI on July 25th, Boston July 28th

Piano moving can get pricey, especially if there are difficult maneuvers steps or flights of stairs involved.  On our end, insurance and labor premiums also vary greatly to be able to provide the best people and equipment, latest technology and a bullet-proof $4 Million policy to protect your properties and piano.

-This doesn’t mean you need to throw that piano into the back of any-haul or trust a furniture mover and hope for the best.

One way to save on your piano moving plans is to book waaay in advance.  Then we can negotiate most because there is a greater chance of having additional work on the way to and from your desired destination anywhere in the world.

If life happens and a piano needs to move quicker, then you can jump on board and enjoy last minute savings.  A good example is this coming July 26th.  -A piano is on its way from Ann Arbor, Michigan to NYC and there is plenty of room on the truck.  -Another example is the CT to MASS move on July 28th.  -If you have been contemplating or a relative has been waiting for that piano gift for years, this is a good way to save almost half the cost.  The savings come with less flexibility on delivery and pickup times but at no compromise in quality of service.

Piano Moving Robots have arrived

piano moving robot
stair climbing piano moving robots are here from Italy. Exclusive rights! we are the first and only company in America to implement

We are the first company in America to implement robotic technology for piano moving. Our stair climbing robots take most of the liability and fear out of moving any size piano up or down stairways with pivots and turns. Hudraulic controls and sliding/pivoting maneuvers and extremely stable tank-like drive. Easily controlled with our expert operators. We are changing the industry and proud to bring a safer way to move pianos.

Piano Tuning Schedule

Piano Strings are elastic and always stretching.  Getting them to stay at a fixed point is only possible for a short period of time.  Beside the elastic properties of the strings, the setting is in wood, which is also flexible and moves when humidity changes.  Therefore, just like in a guitar or violin, every time it is picked up, the musician tunes before playing.  Piano strings are much heavier gauge and cast iron plate helps maintain tension longer, but the minimum maintenance schedule must be followed to keep the piano alive and the wood from cracking.

For the Concert Hall:  Piano Must be tuned before each concert.  If there are two concerts in a day, the piano has to be fine-tuned before the second concert.  Concert pianos have a shorter life cycle because the tuning pins become loose quicker from constant adjustment.  Hammers and action parts become worn quicker because different users perform with all their best and heavy technique each day.

For the average home:  The best time to have your piano tuned to keep tension even is about two to four times per year, depending on the location of the piano within the home and the ability to stabilize humidity and temperature throughout the year.  Most pianos respond to seasonal variation in climate and when the heat turns on, the piano would go out of tune.  When the summer rains come the piano may go up in pitch.  For most people, we recommend to tune when the heating cycle changes.  Let the cycle take effect and schedule the piano tuning after about two to three weeks when the piano acclimates

Steinway B restoration (15)
1906 Steinway B Carved Case Piano Restoration process with original soundboard.  -Over 80 cracks in the soundboard when we started working with it.


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Steinway B Grand Piano Soundboard

Pianos suffer most in the Winter, when moisture loss occurs due to over-drying, from lack of humidity in the air and added effects from our heating systems.

Add moisture to compensate, even if it’s a jar of water.  Potted plants and fish tanks are some ideas to add controlled moisture and help stabilize the room in winter months.