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How much to move My Piano?
Based on a few simple details we will be able to calculate a precise piano moving quote, including insurance for up to $4M for property and piano, a climate controlled ride for your piano in our PianoLimo with expert piano technician on board and legendary white glove service
We do not ever sell your information to anyone and try to keep this short and sweet, so that we can properly respond and serve you more efficiently at a respectable level.
or any other way you prefer to be contacted
Your piano will enjoy a longer life and will eventually sell better from home when it is in the proper location and well-maintained. People most often rely on the assistance of piano teachers and sometimes even piano tuners to help evaluate the instrument before purchase. -It's like asking a pro driver or mechanic to see the car before you buy it and a great idea. -A piano that is freshly tuned and is clean inside and out, will sell faster and for a greater profit than a piano that is neglected, out of tune and with sticking keys. You should always be able to double or triple your investment on pianos.
If we need special preparation to get across unpaved roadways, long carry over grass, stairs with tight turns, or any other obstacles to get the piano in or out of premises we need to know, to be able to property prepare safety and equipment for your move