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Steinway B Piano restoration
Steinway B Piano restoration

Our Approach

The best pianos in the world were made a long time ago.  This is not only because of the craftsmanship and training, but also because the wood to make a fine piano is no longer available.  Before a piano was made in the 1920’s, the wood was prepared and aged for 60-80 years and then the finest pieces selected and used for soundboards and other hardwoods in piano construction.  Today, even on the finest pianos, that wood is only months old and ages, warps and cracks too soon in your home.  Hence, the soundboard warranties on any new piano today are limited to up to 3 years.  Sounds like disposable pianos.

Our Story

Every restoration involves a donor piano, which means we find the same brand and age piano to restore yours.  Wood selection is crucial to how long the piano will last after restoration and equally important – how the piano will sound.  We are able to warranty our work from 10 to 20 years depending on location and installation of the optional humidity control system.

Meet the Team

We brought our tradition, work ethic and love for our work from Lithuania in the early 1989.  Born in Gomel, Belarus, Yury Feygin, lived with his parents and sister in Vilnius, Lithuania, where Mikhail Feygin, Yury’s father was a piano restorer and professor of Clarinet Studies, stared up one of the country’s first cooperative businesses restoring antique pianos.  In 1988 we fled Russia as refugees, allowed to leave with no valuables and only few kilograms of belongings per person, eventually ending up in Brooklyn, NY and soon after started up Amadeus Piano Co., INC. which is still open and ran by Mikhail and Yeva Feygin in Ronkonkoma, NY. , specializing in high gloss piano refinishing and piano restoration.  In 2010,  Yury Feygin moved to Stamford CT to start a family and opened Amadeus Piano Co., LLC in 2012.

Amadeus Piano Co, INC Team in Ronkonkoma
Amadeus Piano Co, INC Team in Ronkonkoma  L. Mikhail Feygin in Black Shirt, Yeva Feygina, my mom in Red.
Yury Feygin Amadeus Piano Co., LLC
Yury Feygin Amadeus Piano Co., LLC    That’s me.

Next Steps…

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