Piano Storage – Climate control

If you’re having home repairs performed or you’re relocating, don’t take the risk of piano damage.  Let us store your upright or grand piano in our brand new climate-controlled storage and warehouse facility.

When you’re storing a piano with PianoStorage.com, especially one that’s rare, irreplaceable, and has been in the family for a while, you can be sure that your piano is in good hands. A daughter company of Amadeus Piano Co., Inc., PianoStorage.com has just opened a brand new facility in Bohemia, Long Island, meant only for storage and restoration of pianos.

Amadeus Piano Storage
Amadeus Piano Storage

Climate Control
Humidity and temperature are both key factors in the life of the piano, and must be maintained at proper levels to ensure proper aging of the wood, felt, and strings of the piano. Our facility is kept at one temperature level all year round. To provide extra protection, our storage area is far from outside walls and heat vents, or water sources of any kind.

Dust Free Environment
Pianos in storage at Amadeus Piano Co., Inc. are carefully wrapped and placed carefully on piano boards, with all their accessories (bench, pedals, legs) wrapped in special blankets. Our warehouse is cleaned thoroughly two to three times weekly to keep away dust and prevent damage to your valuable piano.

Piano Storage Amadeus
Grand Piano On Piano Board, Wrapped and Strapped

Storage Customers are also eligible for discounted:
Piano Moving (local and nationwide)
Piano Services (tuning, repair, voicing, etc.)
Music Lessons (piano, voice, windwind, string, etc.)

What happens when a piano is stored incorrectly:
Warping and damage to hardwoods due to change in humidity and temperature under high string tension is certain to happen if your piano is being stored incorrectly. According to all modern piano manufacturer warranties, even in the home, pianos should be kept as far as possible from all sources that affect the change in temperature and humidity. Such sources include: heat/ac vents, windows, baseboards, radiators, fireplaces, open kitchens, laundry, outside walls, etc…

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